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Nelson Breweries and Beer Map — 8 Comments

  1. Although we are not officially open to the public for tours …any friend of beer is a friend of ours. Good on you for this site and we will include a link to you in our new web site. Feel free to contact the brewery any time.

    Brian Thiel

    Director Renaissance Brewing Limited and Board of Executive member of the Brewers Guild of New Zealand.

    PS you should get this site to google search better…10 pages in. Like what you are doing.

  2. Great to hear you might be willing to show people around. Thanks for the encouragement. BTW – We have been enjoying the MPA over at the Free House. It tastes American – and that is a good thing, as it reminded us a bit of SN Celebration Ale.

  3. can you put the travellers rest on the pubs list, for it is now a freehouse and a great one at that cheers

  4. Thanks Shane. We completely agree that Travellers Rest should be added. We have plans to move the map to our new beer site – beer@brewzone and will revise everything then. In the meantime Travellers Rest is here They have McCashins and Golden Bear and Totara beers.