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Peanut Butter Bar Cookie Recipe — 7 Comments

  1. It’s good to know that you substitute 2 Tablespoons sugar plus 1 teaspoon vanilla for the honey.
    I’ll try it on this weekend. Thanks for the idea…

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  3. I tried these today (w/out the honey) and unfortunately i forgot to add the peanut butter until after the flour step (i skimmed over and forgot it was one of the ‘butters!’ in the beginning. Anyway, it turned out yummy. I actually topped mine w/ a layer of nutella and an oatmeal crumble on top. Thanks for the idea!

  4. Thanks Izzi- glad it worked out in the end! I clarified the instructions so no one else has the same “oops!” Nutella on top- yum! I think you just set off a new craving…

  5. Thank you! I’ve been searching for the past hour for a recipe like this! I’m too lazy today to make actual cookies, so I wanted to make a bar cookie…no oatmeal and not a brownie!!

  6. I got a recipe years ago from an older gentleman that I worked with, his wife sent some peanut butter bars to work one day to share, they were delish. My children were little then, they loved this recipe. I lost my recipe and over the years forgot how to make them, my children were all snowed in with us Christmas and asked for peanut butter bars. After searching some time I found this recipe and have just put them in the oven…….keeping my fingers crossed. They look the same and have the same texture so far, however, I don’t remember using brown suger. Can’t wait to try them. Will let you know if they are the same as the ones I baked years ago.