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International Moving / Relocation Basics — 3 Comments

  1. BeeZed,

    We are planning on moving to Nelson hopefully in April, but we don’t have employment yet. We are generating alot of questions and it seems like a big mountain to climb. My wife is a physical therapist and I am a home builder in the Los Angeles area. Did you guys pick your destination or did you have the job offer first? Are there any websites that clearly lay out the steps? It is our understanding the you need a job to get a visa, but need a visa to get a job??? Any help would be appreciated, and thank you for posting the information about shipping.

    David Powers

  2. Dave,

    We moved to Nelson, as they say, for the lifestyle, without employment. We were approved for residency under the skilled migrant scheme, without jobs. Your wife might qualify, as health workers are in demand. Getting her licence to practice here is a huge task, and in our opinion, is best done from the States. If you are in NZ under a tourist visa and get a job offer, you can apply for residency from here, but employers might not want to take the risk if they can find someone with prior approval.

    The best website is Immigration NZ as it covers all the basics and has tons of documentation for download. You can also take the quiz to see if you qualify for skilled migrant status.

    Another useful site is emigratenz.org which has links to all sorts of info. The forums are good too. It is a quasi commercial site, so the information is not “bankable”, but we got some good ideas and strategies .

  3. As clearly and well explained as this is, it is hard to read it and not become overwhelmed, especially about the actual days of moving out/in and all the technical details of the taxes, fees and terms of contract/insurance. Although we are looking at our overseas move being covered by an employer, I am sure that many of the considerations here will be ones we face as well, even if we are not as fully responsible for the full bill. I am continually impressed with the amount of work, effort, planning and dedication it takes to migrate somewhere. Please keep the informative articles coming!