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Sharing Photos Online — 2 Comments

  1. Okay, then. I think Flickr meets my needs, but am a bit confused about my ability to upload photos as far as the number and the amount of GB’s I can use in any one month or time period. If I want to upload pics of all of my trips and then maybe scan hundreds of our family photos -starting way back in the 1800’s to the present- is this a good way to go? I can scan the old photos and group them by sides of the family (with captions of who they are.) Would this work with the “unlimited” feature of Flickr? I would refer family and close friends to the Flickr site that I now have. As I understand it, I could upload an unlimited amount pics in albums as I choose and just pay the annual fee. Am I right or am I off base? Is there a better way to go? Thanks!

  2. If you are already on Flickr and willing to pay the small annual fee, it looks like it would be the easiest solution for you. We have a friend who keeps one Flickr account just for old family albums exactly as you describe. You can keep unlimited sets (like albums) and have unlimited uploads and storage if you upgrade your account. Each set can have unlimited pictures within it as well.

    you do that here: (Three months free at the moment)
    Flickr upgrade

    the sales pitch is here:

    Flickr Benefits

    All your current stuff will still be there. (Even old stuff that might have disappeared if you put too many pics in your free account will be there.)
    And one more thing- if there are things you want only the family to see, you can set albums or images with their comments to private and send out guest passes so only family can see them without having to sign up at all.

    Have fun setting them up!