Confused about what we are sharing and what we keep to ourselves?
Here’s all the fine print stuff.


Top of the list would be your information. Any information we might
gather from comments, registrations, etc, is just between us. We figure
you are interested enough to hear from us, but we make no other
assumptions about your interests. We won’t share with ANYONE.

We can make no guarantees about any external link you might follow,
though. Please pay attention to where you are.


What you write on our site is also your stuff.  Since
on our site, though, we need to ask for your permission to publish it
here, okay? To do that we need to be able to manage it, so you also
need to give permission for us to modify or delete.  When you
Post Comment, you have given that permission. Thanks.


We are considerate of the creative efforts of others, so please show us
the same respect. Do not use any photos, text, designs or graphics that
we have created for your own profit.


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