We have a lot of people to thank for enabling us to
create this site. We haven’t met any of them, but we suspect
they are
very decent people. Thanks to each of you, really.


said, right? What other tool would have allowed us, with our circa 1997
HTML, to build exactly what we wanted in such a short time? Thanks also
to all the folks who contribute to the WordPress Codex, which we relied
upon heavily.

Neil Merton

he might not recognize it, we started from Neil Merton’s Web
template. While we had definite ideas of what we wanted to achieve, his
design had lots of influence on us. More importantly, his code was so
tidy that we could quickly and easily make the changes we needed.


weren’t so sure about the ‘cute icon’
idea when we started, but have
you seen these things? Mark James’ FamFamFam site,
particularly his
Silk collection, has proved to be an excellent resource.


Gallery photo organizer software has served us well since before
creating this site, and we found it very easy to integrate into
Wordpress. They live up to their slogan of “Manage your
photos on your
own website.”


can’t even imagine the messes and confusion we could have
created if we
hadn’t found XAMPP. This tool allowed us to run our WordPress
site on
our home computer before loading to a public server, though
capable of much more. The opensource install creates a full Apache
webserver with MySQL and PHP with no harm to our normal applications.


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