Nelson Breweries and Beer Map

(Updated April 29, 2011)

Are you a beer tourist, too? We love to visit breweries and brewpubs
when we travel, so we always search the web for local beers at our
destination. Even day trips from home usually include a beer focused
stop somewhere along the way.  Brewing in the Nelson region
across the top of the South Island has expanded quite a bit since we
moved here, but the online information isn’t keeping up. Some great
brewers and tap-houses are scarcely represented on the internet.

We have been frustrated to find that none of New Zealand’s best beer
websites, including SOBA, RealBeer and the Brewers

have a complete list of our local producers. In some cases, it was a
struggle to find an address or phone number at all. For interactive maps, the best
two we found were the Beer Mapping Project and the RealBeer map, but they also are
incomplete. RealBeer hasn’t yet completed any of the South Island.

So, in the can-do Kiwi spirit, “if you can’t find it, make it.” Here is
our attempt at a comprehensive list of brewers in the top of the south,
with an updated map showing where you can visit them, or at least try
their beers. We have included a number of quality beer focused pubs and
cafes serving NZ craft beers.

Our list and map cover the Nelson/Tasman and Marlborough regions.


(no restaurant, just beer)

(restaurant with brewing on premises)

(no brewing, just food and beer)

Our Nelson NZ Beer Map

Breweries (yellow building) Brewpubs (blue food and drink) Pubs (green
building) and Points of Interest (green pin)

View Nelson NZ Beer Map in a larger map

We have done our best to provide current information in the map
descriptions, but these are
mostly small businesses with a lot of seasonal flexibility. Most
brewers don’t bite, so don’t be afraid to phone ahead and confirm
before showing up. When you do arrive, you will often find the brewer
staffing the counter, ready to entertain all your pesky beer fanatic
questions while trying to run the whole show alone.



Nelson Breweries and Beer Map — 8 Comments

  1. Although we are not officially open to the public for tours …any friend of beer is a friend of ours. Good on you for this site and we will include a link to you in our new web site. Feel free to contact the brewery any time.

    Brian Thiel

    Director Renaissance Brewing Limited and Board of Executive member of the Brewers Guild of New Zealand.

    PS you should get this site to google search better…10 pages in. Like what you are doing.

  2. Great to hear you might be willing to show people around. Thanks for the encouragement. BTW – We have been enjoying the MPA over at the Free House. It tastes American – and that is a good thing, as it reminded us a bit of SN Celebration Ale.

  3. can you put the travellers rest on the pubs list, for it is now a freehouse and a great one at that cheers

  4. Thanks Shane. We completely agree that Travellers Rest should be added. We have plans to move the map to our new beer site – beer@brewzone and will revise everything then. In the meantime Travellers Rest is here They have McCashins and Golden Bear and Totara beers.

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