Summary for November 25, 2008

BrewZone is continuing to grow steadily. We are
seeing lots of reader interest in photography,
especially related to
and our recent article about DIY
Robotic Pano Heads
been a big hit.
travel is also quite popular, so we’ve shared our
about seeking Penguins
in New Zealand’s South Island
, and a guide for
first time visitors to our home town of Nelson.
Other readers have been using our International
Moving Tips
article for guidance on moving stuff overseas.
In the near future, we hope to start expanding into beer, wine and
food, while continuing to add to the photography and travel articles.
On the business side, we recently signed up with as an
affiliate site, so purchases you make using our Amazon links will help
us pay for keeping this site going.
We welcome your comments if you have questions about an article,
suggestions for what you’d like to see on BrewZone, or additional tips
of your own to share with other readers.

Happy Reading!

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