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Our First Kayak Adventure — 3 Comments

  1. Very nice, I sure wish I had gone with you guys, it looks like you had a good time. I got your E-mail after I got back from Alaska, and sent you one back,but never got a reply.It would be good to here from you,and I sure hope you enjoy living in New Zealand, We spent 5 weeks in Australia in March& April, keep upthe good work on this projeked.

    Take Care Ron your drinking buddy

  2. The boy and I have been so tempted to get some kayaks–go on Craig’s List and try to find something economical to start kayaking around here, up at the lake. This sounds like so much fun…maybe we won’t wait for our own!!

  3. Have you tried a rental from Agua Verde? We had a fun afternoon there once, playing frogger with the duck tour boats on Lake Union. A friend with us had never kayaked, and he did fine. As a plus, the mexican food is pretty good after a paddle. Hella wait on a sunny weekend day.